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I always try to find the trendiest tops and dresses. I love to add edgy pieces to my wardrobe. I just came across this website I’m in love with their clothes.  The clothes are very unique and it can bring the fashionista out of you. Look at some of these great finds:

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Embrace your Edgy Personal Style


What is edgy? Is it leather garments, spiky heels, dark makeup, colored hair, chunky jewelry? Is it a Rock N Roll style? Is it different and unique? When I looked up the word “Edgy” on the definition is: “sharp-edged; sharply defined, as outlines” or “daringly innovative.” A lot of us want to add pieces of edgy garments into our closets. This is the top 5 thing every “Edgy” woman should have:

  1. Leather jacket- a leather jacket can make a woman feel powerful and add the bad girl look that we want to achieve.$_35 Ebay $93
  2.  Dark lipstick- There’s nothing sexier than a dark matte lipstick. It    makes a woman feel sexy and  $17
  3. Spiky heels- I love spiky heels. It gives me confidence and it makes me feel $1,295
  4. Chunky Jewelry- When you add chunky jewelry to any outfit, you are definitely making a $40
  5. Trendy Tops- You can find it at boutique shops. $54.99

Zara is having a great sale

woman001.stI absolutely love this store! Zara’s clothes are very fashionable and the material is the best. I am not sure if many of you know, but Zara is a Spanish brand. It was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera. Zara was described by Louis Vuitton as “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world.” It is one of my favorite stores to shop. I was there last week and they are having a sale of a lifetime. They have items up to 70% off. I saw these part of fringe boots for only $40 and I bought the cutest mini skirt for only $12. They have women’s clothes as well as men’s and kid’s size ( including babies and toddlers). They have the most amazing shoes and accessories. Take advantage of this opportunity and shop shop shop!

Addictive Game Covet Fashion

hair-and-makeup-dreamin-1OMG! Every since I started playing this game Covet Fashion in May; I’m hooked! I cannot explain the obsession. My husband complains all the time of the money I have spent on it and the time I invest into it. I feel like I get to play editor with this game and the great thing is it’s real clothes. This is the #1 game of fashion.  You get to style, shop and win clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry from over 150 brands (not real clothes). This game is the future of global marketing in Fashion.  You can actually virtually shop in this game (for real).  Download this game today.

Can I wear “white shoes” after Labor Day?

Christian-Louboutin-Daffodile-160mm-Patent-Leather-Pumps-White-611Many Women are face with this question: Can I wear “white shoes” after Labor Day? I personally do not see an issue. It is September and it is over 90 degrees. Why not? White is a perfect color to wear on summer. It just makes sense. White clothing seems to keep you a bit cooler than any other colors and it is still summer. Also, it’s just a color; it should not be defined as a rule. We should be able to wear any color that we want. I personally like black, all year round. This silly rule came up during the late 1800s. It was a rule made up by snobbish rich women that white was for weddings and resort wear, not dinner parties in the fall. Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894. Therefore, society used as the end of summer fashion. Some of the most famous fashionista did not follow this rule. A great example is Coco Chanel. She wore white mixed with black all year round. During the 1950s, the magazines said that white clothing came out on Memorial Day and it ends on Labor Day. Now, many designers have white shoes during their fall collections. All these restrictions on people seemed to fade away during the years. In warmer areas of the US, such as Hawaii, California and Florida, the color white is more acceptable. Times have changed. Embrace the color white and wear whatever you want. I absolutely love this quote on “No White” Rule Is Not One You Should Follow. Absolutely love this. Have fun this September and rock your white shoes.

Hot Item: Kenzo Eye Sweatshirt


Kenzo has a trademark item and it is their famous eye sweatshirts. This is a pearl grey wool blend ‘Eye’ sweatshirt from Kenzo featuring a ribbed crew neck, embroidered details, a long length and long sleeves. Kenzo launched in 1970, when founder Kenzo Takada sold his handmade women’s designs at a Paris boutique, Kenzo has grown into a fashion house, creating women’s, men’s, kids, home and fragrance collections. In 2011, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the brilliant duo behind Opening Ceremony, rejuvenated the brand with their eye-popping prints and fun fabrics while continuing to respect the jungle-inspired heritage of the iconic Parisian fashion house. Celebrities love to wear this brand. Famous people such as Miley Cyrus, Jessie J and Beyonce. This fabulous sweatshirt is retail for $1,315.32. You can purchase at

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Lee Lee’s Forest Boutique


I came across this store at the Shops at Nanuet. The store has the most remarkable dresses, tops, rompers and pants. Also it has super cute jewelry and accessories. Their clothes are great quality and super feminine. It also possesses a vintage feel to it. The sales people in the store are super friendly and very helpful. I asked for more information about the store and I was told Lee lee’s forest was originally opened on the first floor of the pier 17 south street seaport mall in NYC in the summer of 2013. After the mall closed its doors. The store was relocated across the street to 14 Fulton Street and also recently opened a second location at the shops at Nanuet in Nanuet, NY. They get new shipment all the time and their clothes are always super trendy.

Hot Item of the Week: Sailor Dress

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This is the most adorable vintage inspire dress. You will want to be in a boat! The dress is navy blue with nautical white anchor print throughout. It has a sailor style collar and a princess seamed bodice in a lightweight linen construction. A natural waist makes way for a gathered A-line flare skirt that bubbles above the knees. Feel absolutely marvelous wearing this dress. The dress is available in Small, Medium and Large. It is retail for $58.00. You can purchase at